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The Apple iPhone 4S was the most anticipated new gadget of the year 2011 but after its unveiling, questions remained over whether the new handset lived up to the hype that preceded it.

Many seemed to be disappointed by the fact that the iPhone 4S wasn’t a new device called the iPhone 5, with the rumored new looks like a larger dispay. Others focused more on what was going to be on the inside of the new iPhone than its name or looks. To their dismay many of the features remained the same. For instance, the screen quality, front VGA camera and its exterior. Some changes however were worth mentioning and drooling about.

Of the new features on the 4S, the most captivating is Siri; a new voice command personal assistant app. It’s an intelligent app that get things done for you simply by asking it. It can find restaurants, movie times, events, read your text messages, calendar events and even make calls at specific times.

According to Apple’s chief software engineer, this means that in years to come, interfaces will disappear and be replaced by speech. Users will be able to command their devices simply by speaking to them. Could this be the beginning of the personal robot era?



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