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What identifies a good mobile phones? This is a question in the minds of everyone who wants to purchase a mobile phone. The phone has moved from being a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’. Today the market is filled with all kinds of mobile phones leaving one spoiled for choice. Almost every week a new model is introduced in the market.

Here in Daystar and in the whole world the cell phone has revolutionized from a mere device for making calls and text messaging to a personal digital assistant with countless applications. This portable device is now been used world over for business, entertainment and communication. Many students are increasingly switching from simple phones to the ones that can perform more than just the usual functions. Social media is the in thing, therefore students prefer phones that can help them stay connected on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail and in real time.

Most popular

Samsung is one of the top mobile phone companies that is revolutionizing  the mobile phone industry by manufacturing top-notch cellular phones to meet the demand for customers need. The Samsung Galaxy family –I, II and Nexus – released in 2011 are still among the highest selling smartphones globally. Here in Daystar, Samsung phones are quite popular especially among female students. Models like the new Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 with the Android operating system has been widely purchased this semester. This in popularity is only second to the Huawei U8150 Ideos, which is also the best selling Android phone in Kenya. The reason for this is because many users are switching to Android phones because of their vast application and customizable features.

Another popular phone is the more affordable Blackberry Bold 9300 from Safaricom or Orange that retails for as low as 20,000/=. Although Blackberry also has a tone of applications from its store, here the phone is more popular for its look and its name rather than its features.

Many other students however prefer phones that don’t have a lot of features in exchange for longer battery life. This is seen as most students still hold precious the popular Nokia 1110 that can keep charge for up to 6 days with normal use.

The 3 most popular Smartphones in Daystar

What Next For Good Mobile Phones?

The search for good mobile phones is never ending. Students will always want phones that have the latest features at an affordable price. Mobile operating systems now offer numerous apps for users .Mobile operating systems are also increasing, with new entrants like Windows OS, which displays the dynamism in this industry. Needless to say, it is unforeseeable that there will ever be a lack of demand for good mobile phones by users.


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