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Everyone has a cell phone these days. Our lives depend on the information stored and accessed by our handy little pocket communication devices, but not all cell phones are created equal. You can tell a lot about someone by the type of cell phone they use, but sometimes the impression you think you’re making isn’t always the one that’s received. Here’s what your cell phone really says about you:

Flip Phone

What You Think It Says:

I’m a busy, productive person. I have small pockets and an even smaller attention span, so I don’t need any bells and whistles on my phone. Email? Apps? More than two colors on the screen? That stuff’s for nerds! All I need is my phone numbers, a cool, pre-loaded fish background picture, and the ability to look awesome when I answer a call by flipping my flip phone open.

What It Really Says:

I am completely unaware that cell phone companies will give you a free phone upgrade every year. Also, I’m probably deal in narcotics.

Nokia (or any other brand) Brick Phone

What You Think It Says:

I do some crazy stuff, man. I’m active and adventurous, and I need a phone that can keep up with me. I can drop my brick phone on the ground, throw it across the room, or even use it to break down a door to save a baby from a burning house if I have to. My phone is just like me: indestructible!

What It Really Says:

It’s 2004, right?


What You Think It Says:

I am on the forefront of technology. iPhones are the most advanced smart phones on the market, and it’s important for me to be a part of the movement toward the future of communication. I’m also suffering from a crippling addiction to Angry Birds.

What It Really Says:

I am a socially inept person, so having a phone with a million different ways to waste time is a Godsend for me.


What You Think It Says:

I’m a business-minded person. I don’t need all the features that some of those other smart phones have on them. My phone is for communication, not entertainment. All I need is my numbers, my texts, and my Facebook and twitter. Games are for babies! Except for Brick Breaker. I so love that game.

What It Really Says:

I get confused by touchscreens.

(An)Droid phone

What You Think It Says:

I don’t buy in to hype. I’m not gonna run out and stand in line for 9 hours to get an over-priced iPhone just because everyone else has an iPhone and if I don’t have one people will think I’m not cool. Instead, I choose to spend my hard-earned money on the right smart phone: An Android phone. It does everything that an iPhone does (except better), and best of all: I’m not locked in to any network like AT&T the way iPhone is. I can choose whatever carrier I want. Now that’s smart.

What It Really Says:

Two Droids for the price of one iPhone. Need I say more?


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