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The future of Smartphones?…Flexible

Ever since the birth of science fiction in the 19th century people have enjoyed predicting what the future holds for technology. While some forecasts from several decades ago can seem quite laughable now they still managed to get a lot of things right. While the concepts in this 1960s prediction of the future may all sound familiar, the hardware still seems stuck in a bygone era. One thing that this video didn’t predict was Apple’s revolutionary concept of producing stylish looking gadgets.

With modern computers and Photoshop it is easier than ever for future enthusiasts to offer their vision of the coming technological landscape – and it is also easier for them to make their creations much more convincing. Perhaps these concepts will seem quite laughable in a few decades time, but for the moment they offer us a glimpse of some of the things we might be able to expect on our mobile phones in the coming years.


iPhone on your wrist

With all the iDevices found in the market from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPads to Macbooks, do you think there’s still lacking? Something that will control these iDevices and Macs remotely. Something that will connect these devices altogether and make it as one? Well, I don’t think so, not until ADR Studios released their new concept.

Introducing, the new iWatch2 concept. A new technology which will allow Apple users to control Apple Devices right at their own wrist.

iWatch2 is a second generation wrist-wear that is compatible with iOS and contains good features. It has a front-facing camera together with a mini LCD projector, Facetime and it can be connected wirelessly to iPhone or iPad. Not only that, it has a 32-GB hard drive wherein you can store your pictures, music and videos.

So what do you think about this new concept? It can really be usable with the iCloud feature of Apple wherein it connects all your iDevices and just control all those gadgets in your own wrist through Siri or Bluetooth. Isn’t it amazing? But as of now, this is still a concept and has not been in reality but I guess it will give Apple a great idea on their next gadget to be released in the market.