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What your phone says about you

Everyone has a cell phone these days. Our lives depend on the information stored and accessed by our handy little pocket communication devices, but not all cell phones are created equal. You can tell a lot about someone by the type of cell phone they use, but sometimes the impression you think you’re making isn’t always the one that’s received. Here’s what your cell phone really says about you:

Flip Phone

What You Think It Says:

I’m a busy, productive person. I have small pockets and an even smaller attention span, so I don’t need any bells and whistles on my phone. Email? Apps? More than two colors on the screen? That stuff’s for nerds! All I need is my phone numbers, a cool, pre-loaded fish background picture, and the ability to look awesome when I answer a call by flipping my flip phone open.

What It Really Says:

I am completely unaware that cell phone companies will give you a free phone upgrade every year. Also, I’m probably deal in narcotics.

Nokia (or any other brand) Brick Phone

What You Think It Says:

I do some crazy stuff, man. I’m active and adventurous, and I need a phone that can keep up with me. I can drop my brick phone on the ground, throw it across the room, or even use it to break down a door to save a baby from a burning house if I have to. My phone is just like me: indestructible!

What It Really Says:

It’s 2004, right?


What You Think It Says:

I am on the forefront of technology. iPhones are the most advanced smart phones on the market, and it’s important for me to be a part of the movement toward the future of communication. I’m also suffering from a crippling addiction to Angry Birds.

What It Really Says:

I am a socially inept person, so having a phone with a million different ways to waste time is a Godsend for me.


What You Think It Says:

I’m a business-minded person. I don’t need all the features that some of those other smart phones have on them. My phone is for communication, not entertainment. All I need is my numbers, my texts, and my Facebook and twitter. Games are for babies! Except for Brick Breaker. I so love that game.

What It Really Says:

I get confused by touchscreens.

(An)Droid phone

What You Think It Says:

I don’t buy in to hype. I’m not gonna run out and stand in line for 9 hours to get an over-priced iPhone just because everyone else has an iPhone and if I don’t have one people will think I’m not cool. Instead, I choose to spend my hard-earned money on the right smart phone: An Android phone. It does everything that an iPhone does (except better), and best of all: I’m not locked in to any network like AT&T the way iPhone is. I can choose whatever carrier I want. Now that’s smart.

What It Really Says:

Two Droids for the price of one iPhone. Need I say more?


Daystar’s favourite mobile phones

What identifies a good mobile phones? This is a question in the minds of everyone who wants to purchase a mobile phone. The phone has moved from being a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’. Today the market is filled with all kinds of mobile phones leaving one spoiled for choice. Almost every week a new model is introduced in the market.

Here in Daystar and in the whole world the cell phone has revolutionized from a mere device for making calls and text messaging to a personal digital assistant with countless applications. This portable device is now been used world over for business, entertainment and communication. Many students are increasingly switching from simple phones to the ones that can perform more than just the usual functions. Social media is the in thing, therefore students prefer phones that can help them stay connected on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail and in real time.

Most popular

Samsung is one of the top mobile phone companies that is revolutionizing  the mobile phone industry by manufacturing top-notch cellular phones to meet the demand for customers need. The Samsung Galaxy family –I, II and Nexus – released in 2011 are still among the highest selling smartphones globally. Here in Daystar, Samsung phones are quite popular especially among female students. Models like the new Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 with the Android operating system has been widely purchased this semester. This in popularity is only second to the Huawei U8150 Ideos, which is also the best selling Android phone in Kenya. The reason for this is because many users are switching to Android phones because of their vast application and customizable features.

Another popular phone is the more affordable Blackberry Bold 9300 from Safaricom or Orange that retails for as low as 20,000/=. Although Blackberry also has a tone of applications from its store, here the phone is more popular for its look and its name rather than its features.

Many other students however prefer phones that don’t have a lot of features in exchange for longer battery life. This is seen as most students still hold precious the popular Nokia 1110 that can keep charge for up to 6 days with normal use.

The 3 most popular Smartphones in Daystar

What Next For Good Mobile Phones?

The search for good mobile phones is never ending. Students will always want phones that have the latest features at an affordable price. Mobile operating systems now offer numerous apps for users .Mobile operating systems are also increasing, with new entrants like Windows OS, which displays the dynamism in this industry. Needless to say, it is unforeseeable that there will ever be a lack of demand for good mobile phones by users.

Modular Smartphone phones

Microsoft filed this patent for a sliding touchscreen phone that includes interchangeable modules where you would expect to find a QWERTY keyboard. These modules include a keyboard, obviously, a control pad for games, an extra battery and an extra touchscreen.

With this modular design you could combine lots of functionality in one phone. You could have a phone focused on gaming like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, while at the same time having a phone that is great for messaging and emails with a full keyboard. All you have to do is slot in a new component when needed.

Microsoft was not the first to come up with this idea. It was previously explored by an Israeli company called Modu. However it didn’t quite work out for them and the company ceased trading at the start of 2011. Microsoft has more of a market presence and more money to throw into development than Modu so it is quite possible that we could be seeing such a phone in the future. Interestingly, Modu’s patents were purchased by Google – so this modular phone design could be the source of a new wave of patent lawsuits in the coming years.

A good mobile phone

The future of Smartphones?…Flexible

Ever since the birth of science fiction in the 19th century people have enjoyed predicting what the future holds for technology. While some forecasts from several decades ago can seem quite laughable now they still managed to get a lot of things right. While the concepts in this 1960s prediction of the future may all sound familiar, the hardware still seems stuck in a bygone era. One thing that this video didn’t predict was Apple’s revolutionary concept of producing stylish looking gadgets.

With modern computers and Photoshop it is easier than ever for future enthusiasts to offer their vision of the coming technological landscape – and it is also easier for them to make their creations much more convincing. Perhaps these concepts will seem quite laughable in a few decades time, but for the moment they offer us a glimpse of some of the things we might be able to expect on our mobile phones in the coming years.

iPhone on your wrist

With all the iDevices found in the market from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPads to Macbooks, do you think there’s still lacking? Something that will control these iDevices and Macs remotely. Something that will connect these devices altogether and make it as one? Well, I don’t think so, not until ADR Studios released their new concept.

Introducing, the new iWatch2 concept. A new technology which will allow Apple users to control Apple Devices right at their own wrist.

iWatch2 is a second generation wrist-wear that is compatible with iOS and contains good features. It has a front-facing camera together with a mini LCD projector, Facetime and it can be connected wirelessly to iPhone or iPad. Not only that, it has a 32-GB hard drive wherein you can store your pictures, music and videos.

So what do you think about this new concept? It can really be usable with the iCloud feature of Apple wherein it connects all your iDevices and just control all those gadgets in your own wrist through Siri or Bluetooth. Isn’t it amazing? But as of now, this is still a concept and has not been in reality but I guess it will give Apple a great idea on their next gadget to be released in the market.

The iPhone 4S…Your very own Personal Assistant

The Apple iPhone 4S was the most anticipated new gadget of the year 2011 but after its unveiling, questions remained over whether the new handset lived up to the hype that preceded it.

Many seemed to be disappointed by the fact that the iPhone 4S wasn’t a new device called the iPhone 5, with the rumored new looks like a larger dispay. Others focused more on what was going to be on the inside of the new iPhone than its name or looks. To their dismay many of the features remained the same. For instance, the screen quality, front VGA camera and its exterior. Some changes however were worth mentioning and drooling about.

Of the new features on the 4S, the most captivating is Siri; a new voice command personal assistant app. It’s an intelligent app that get things done for you simply by asking it. It can find restaurants, movie times, events, read your text messages, calendar events and even make calls at specific times.

According to Apple’s chief software engineer, this means that in years to come, interfaces will disappear and be replaced by speech. Users will be able to command their devices simply by speaking to them. Could this be the beginning of the personal robot era?